Having Her Over for the First Time

“Make sure everything is in its place”

Guys often make the mistake that to impress a woman, you have to do stereotypically masculine things. For example, you can fight and curse to prove your masculinity, but if you think it’s going to impress her, you’re wrong, according to AskMen.com. Doing stereotypical “guy” things are more likely to turn women off than attract them. That’s because she doesn’t want to date an immature man who doesn’t know what he wants.

Therefore, you have to use every possible angle to make a good impression. One of those opportunities is when she comes over for the first time. Your home is a reflection of your personality. It’s the space you choose to live and spend your time. You can learn a lot about a person from seeing their place for the first time, and she’s going to draw conclusions instantaneously. Here are some tips and tricks to making a good impression the first time she comes over.

What to Expect

“Stop being nervous – Invite her in”

Before you even think about inviting a woman over, make sure she’s trustworthy. You don’t want to invite just anyone over to your home. For example, it’s not a good idea to give out too much personal information to a woman you meet on a site like LavaLife.com. It’s a known scam site, and any woman you meet from it is going to be sketchy. You might want to meet up at a remote location for a hookup, but that’s about it. Never invite any women you meet online over to your home unless you’re using the best personals dating sites. Usually they’re also the most popular, so consider your site selection carefully.

Once you’ve made an informed decision about the woman’s trustworthiness, you should expect her to be a little intimidated. One way to address nervousness is to have something out for when she arrives, like wine. This lets her know that you’ve prepared for her arrival, and you want her there. A common fear amongst both men and women is that they’re somehow intruding when they enter another person’s home, even if they’ve been invited. If it’s only your second or third date, this will be in effect even more.

How to Prepare

“Make sure the sheets are clean”

We mentioned having something out for her, but you also want to prepare to live up to her expectations. She might be a little shy at first, but she’s also going to be taking in every detail she can see. This is a situation where you want to make sure your place is clean. Do a little spot cleaning if necessary. You don’t have to overhaul your entire flat or house, but tidying up doesn’t have to be complicated. The basics are to sweep the floor, wipe down counters or tables, and clear away clutter. You want the place to look presentable, but not sterile. If you’re already a meticulous sort of man, then this aspect of preparation won’t worry you.

Another good way to prepare for her arrival, in case things go the way you want, is to make sure your bedroom is particularly tidy. The bed specifically needs to be made, and the sheets should be clean. While the fact that she’s coming over doesn’t mean a default hookup, it could definitely happen. You want to be prepared, and to have the bedroom be a room she enters and feels comfortable in.

Determining If It’s a Date, a Hookup or Both

“What do you want?”

Obviously if she’s coming over and you’re romantically involved, you can assume it’s a date. However, determining whether she’s expecting more romance than sex, vice versa, or maybe both, can be confusing. Some women enjoy confusing men on top of it. For example, if you meet a woman off LavaLife.com, you may end up with a woman who plays mind games. Most of the women we’ve met off that particular site have been crazy. You should use popular personals sites with a good reputation for dating, and not settle for anything less. A good online dating site will have a wide selection of different options, especially in the category of what you’re looking for. You can learn more about a casual encounters site by the profiles it has. Use our online dating tools to find out whether this site is scam or not.

When you’re trying to figure out what to expect, think back to the personals site you met her on. If it was a popular site that focused on dating, she’s probably expecting a little romance. Either way, go back and review her profile. Recall what it was about it that attracted you in the first place. Most importantly, though, is to check out what she lists as her dating interests. Did she originally list herself as only being interested in casual sex? If so, then a hookup is probably more likely than not, if she put only dating and romance, then although sex is a possibility, it’s less likely. It can also be a mixture of the two, and usually is. It can’t hurt you to check out her original intentions, though, so you can be prepared for any situation that arises.

Playing It Sexy in Your Home

“Dress sexy”

When you’re out at a bar or a club, projecting a chill aura and dressing to impress is easy. All you have to do is show up and act slick. Going out automatically means that there’s already multiple opportunities provided for couples to get close, like a dance floor. People talk to each other very close, because of the noise. It’s just a sexier atmosphere than your own, every day home. You want to remain attractive and retain some allure, but you have to approach it a little differently when you’re at home.

One great tactic to keeping up that sexy, up-close-and-personal vibe is to dress nicely for the occasion. When she shows up, don’t just wear sweatpants and trainers. She’s not going to appreciate that in any case, but on top of the standard expectations of making an effort since she’s coming over, putting on some decent clothes is going to make you feel more confident, too. There are many times when men don’t even realize that there’s a noticeable change in their confidence. When a man puts on a custom-tailored suit, there’s a little more spring in his step. He just gives off an aura of confidence, and it’s almost impossible to describe. This is the same type of logic you should apply to your date at home. Put on a decent jacket and something you’d wear out to the club. Chances are she’s also worn something nice, since she’s arriving at your place for a date, not a buddy movie marathon.

Closing the Deal

Dinner is over, the wine is gone, and the conversation is dwindling. This is the point in the night where you figure out how it’s going to end. She might just go home, which is fine, or she might stay for a hookup. You should be prepared for either outcome, and not be disappointed if it’s not the desired one.

The best thing you can do here is to be clear with your intentions. If you want to hook up and you’re feeling her, let her know. Don’t outright just inform her that you want to get down to business, but don’t be afraid to send some obvious signals. You can even say something, if the time is right. Most women don’t want games or drama. Therefore, when you put yourself out there, she’s more likely to appreciate it than be surprised.

Dealing With In-laws

“Plan before they arrive”

In-laws can be the bane of your existence whenever you’re trying to have a successful hookup. They often notice things that your wife simply won’t, and that means that you’re going to have to tread that much more carefully, even if you’re using the best adult dating sites available to have your hookups. They aren’t going to protect you from the people that you’re surrounded by in Canada, so always watch you steps whenever you have to dance around your in-laws. Being that much more careful will save you a lot of stress later on, and that means that you will end up having a much more peaceful, exciting hookup.

Always Cover Your Tracks

“Delete your browsing history and the emails from your mistress”

While it might as well be the most obvious thing in the world to hear when you’re having a hookup, we still have to remind you to be discreet. This means that you really need to go out of your way to hide the fact that you’re using the best adult dating sites to find the most gorgeous mistresses out there. It’s easier said than done in some cases, so always make sure to go that extra mile and make sure that you’ve really covered all of your tracks.

This doesn’t just apply to your computer, obviously. Whenever you’re looking to cover your tracks completely, it’s not just a matter of deleting your browser history. It’s also a matter of making sure that your phone doesn’t keep around the information that will point to your hookup. This is why we highly recommend that you take the time to invest in a track phone, because then you will have a phone that no one else is entirely aware of. You’ll be that much more protected from your in-laws accidentally opening your bills in the mail, and casually questioning why you’ve sent to many text messages to a number that isn’t your wife.

In-laws can be really nosy about calls in general, so try to keep your mistress from calling at times that your in-laws might be around. It doesn’t matter if they’re visiting you in Canada or just around the house permanently–there’s never a need to give them a chance to actually figure out what you’re doing on the side.

Discretion is Key

“Be discreet”

This goes right along with covering your tracks, but seriously: you should never let your mistress come anywhere near your home. If that ever happens, you’re almost definitely going to end up caught. By letting her know where you live as well as any information that can point her towards your home phone numbers, you stand a dangerously high chance of being caught, and that’s really not going to do you any favors when it comes to hiding your mistress from your in-laws.

With that in mind, it’s also a very good idea to keep her away from your workplace. It doesn’t matter if you want to sit around and surf the best adult dating sites online while at work, but you should still make sure that your mistress doesn’t know where you work, or else she might show up out of the blue. If your in-laws manage to catch wind of this–or worse yet, if you work for your father-in-law or some equivalent–you’ll end up being discovered sooner rather than later when it comes to your hookup. That can be a nerve wracking experience for sure, so the best plan of action is to make sure that she just stays away from your work entirely and knows nothing about any specifics.

If you have kids, it’s also important that she doesn’t know anything about them. There’s always the scary chance that she might show up at your kid’s school in an attempt to get to know them. While this is also an issue of what to do with your mistress not respecting your boundaries that you’ve set, you really don’t want this to end up getting back to your in-laws or the rest of your family. Keep these sorts of things in mind, or you’ll end up getting caught sooner rather than later.

Don’t Have a Conversation With Her Around Them

This is the exact kind of rule that we suggest that you follow when it comes to chatting with your mistress around your wife. You should never, ever end up having conversations with her when your in-laws are in the room or anywhere in the house. There’s always the chance of being overheard, and that means that they’re going to start asking questions about what exactly you’re doing in your spare time.

This also goes for any sort of e-mailed or online chatting conversations. If you try to sit around and talk to her while you’re on the internet and your in-laws are in the room, there is always the chance of them leaning of your shoulder to see what you’re doing. Again, you need to remember that in-laws are incredibly nosy, and that they really want to know what’s going on in your life. While they probably don’t perceive it as intruding, it can become a very bad situation very quickly when it comes to your hookup, so always make sure that you monitor these kinds of situations very closely in general.

Don’t Even Text Her Around Them

“Don’t end up in this kind of a situation”

Remember how we said not to call her or chat with her online when your in-laws are around? The same applies to texting, too, so keep your fingers preoccupied with work or something else entirely whenever you’re at home and around your in-laws in general. You really don’t want them to look over your shoulder, discover you’re using a track phone, and ask who in the world you’re sexting when your wife is right in the room with you.

The best thing you can do is keep all of your chatting with your mistress to a minimum until you’re actually alone. By doing this, you’ll be able to really keep it all under wraps effectively, and that’s goes back to the simple concept of keeping everything about your hookup discreet and properly hidden from anyone that has some seriously prying eyes.

All in all, it’s incredibly important for you to keep this sort of thing from your in-laws. It doesn’t matter if your best friend is your wife’s brother–you simply can’t let him know, because he isn’t going to end up looking out for your best interests when it comes to his actual flesh and blood. He’s going to end up telling her all about what you’re doing, and that’s not just going to be the end of your hookup, but probably the end of your relationship and friendship with your in-laws as well.

There’s no reason that your in-laws need to learn about anything like this, and that’s why you should always go out of your way to protect this kind of information from them. By protecting it, you’ll stand a much lower chance of getting caught, and that means having your hookup for much longer and much more successfully on top of that. No matter what, keep it under wraps, and you’ll actually have a good time. Another thing to keep in mind is, do not trust all the free sites. We have the best sites compared for you here, so read the naughty dating website reviews first and then make your choice.

Wax Play and Other Temperature Play in Bondage

Many people haven’t considered the use of wax play or temperature play in their bondage scenarios, and that’s a shame as wax play can be an incredible way to augment you and your partner’s experiences. Many scam reviews will never even begin to mention this amazing addition to your sex life, and some of our worst bondage dating site ratings will also entirely skim over it. The thing about wax play and ice play is that it can add an exciting and interesting dynamic to a scenario that otherwise might feel a bit old and overused. That’s why you and your partner should consider trying it at least once to see what it adds to your menu for the evening.

What Is Temperature Play?

“Hot wax foreplay is a huge turn on for some women”

Many people simply don’t know the full extent of what temperature play is. Luckily, that just means that more research needs to be done before you jump aboard the ship and give it a shot. In general, temperature play refers to using different items in order to bring about different sensations in your partner – usually your submissive. These kinds of things can include the use of hot wax or the use of ice in order to stimulate your partner and give an added shock that they otherwise wouldn’t have. Temperature play can best be described as an added spark, and can usually be coupled with a blindfold in order to add another level of manipulation for the dominant half of the relationship to control. This can be extremely arousing for your submissive, and that means that temperature play is definitely something the two of you should consider in the future.

Many bondage dating site ratings don’t take into consideration how exactly temperature play can augment a scenario, or even a relationship. You need to stay clear of these scam sites. Visit tiemeupnow.com and check the reviews of the legit Bondage dating sites. Many people will find a scenario entirely changed by the use of this particular kink, so give it a shot and see what it can end up doing for both of you.

The Uses of Wax Play in a Scenario

“Hot wax play can be very romantic”

The use of wax is a common way to incorporate temperature play, and it can be seen as extremely arousing by a submissive. Wax has a romantic connotation to many people. Because of that, there are actually candles that are specifically made in order to be used for wax play. As always, you will need to be careful around an open flame, but with a bit of practice, it should be something that you can incorporate with ease into your new bondage scenario routines.

One of the most common ways to incorporate wax play is to have your partner bound up in some way – usually nude, and possibly blindfolded depending on the kind of scenario you are acting out on this particular occasion. You can start by dripping the hot wax onto less sensitive parts of her body, such as on the back of her hand, in order to get her used to it. From there, you can carefully begin with more sensitive areas, such as her thighs or belly. While breasts are often a popular choice to target in wax play, you still should exercise caution when it comes to using wax on her nipples. These are very sensitive areas, and if wax is hot enough, it can actually burn the person it is being dripped on.

It goes without saying that you should never, ever use wax on anyone’s genitalia. Aside from the fact that it might actually burn them, it can interfere with basic bodily functions, and cause infections if it is used there. Make sure not to let it drip there, and you will have a much happier, healthier sex life both during and after the scenario. No one enjoys a yeast infection.

The Uses of Ice in a Scenario

“Now, that is hell of a turn on”

One of the most commonly used parts of temperature play is the use of ice. Many couples are so into this kind of thing that they will have a bucket of ice next to their bedside for the extent of their scenario. Ice can be exciting and extremely stimulating to your submissive. That’s why many bondage dating site ratings will rank the use of this extremely high.

While ice can be used in the exact same way that wax is used, it is also much safer because it is simply water. You can use it on her nipples, as well as anywhere near her genitalia, so long as she is OK with it and enjoys the way that it feels. Ice is entirely harmless, so long as there are no sharp edges, so the insertion of small pieces of ice into the vagina is perfectly acceptable as well. Just take care not to insert too large of a piece at once, and obviously make sure there is no way that it can cut her. Most submissives, however, would much rather experience the use of ice on their nipples, their neck, and other erogenous zones. Remember that the use of a blindfold can add another level of stimulation due to the sensory deprivation part of the scenario. Combined, this can make your submissive extremely excited about the scenario as a whole.

Temperature Play is Healthy and Fun

“It is healthy and sensual”

So long as you and your submissive have an agreement about what to use and how to utilize it within your scenario, temperature play can be an extremely exciting way to bring a new level to your scenarios. That being said, you should always exercise caution, especially when utilizing wax play. There is a very real chance of accidentally burning your partner. With that in mind, you should always take the time to have a first aid kit directly on hand in the event of minor burns. Wax isn’t going to give anyone a third degree burn, but it can sting and blister if it is too hot. Really, just be careful when using it, especially around sensitive areas. If your submissive isn’t entirely used to having wax play practiced on them, you should exercise another level of caution and wait to see exactly how much they can handle in the heat of a scenario.

As always, a safe word is an entirely necessary thing to have picked out for any scenario, and while temperature play might seem mild to some, some submissives will find that they can’t take quite as much as they thought they could of it. That’s what a safe word is for, and why you should make it clear that it’s perfectly find for them to use it in the expanse of your scenario. The role of a dominant is to make sure that their submissive feels comfortable and at ease during the scenario. Even with something as mild as temperature play, you should always reassure your submissive prior to the scenario that it’s okay to want to stop. There is absolutely nothing that makes your submissive obligated to continue, so keep this mind when practicing temperature play and any other kind of fetish or kink in your scenarios. Having fun should be the ultimate goal whenever you are practicing bondage. If that isn’t happening, then you both need to step back and stop.

Essential Things You Need to Know about Apple Iwatch

The official release and introduction of Apple Iwatch remains controversial. But one thing is for sure – this watch will create a big change in the industry. Apple is recognized to be an excellent manufacturer and provider of exquisite and innovative products. Looking on this aspect, individuals can expect exceptional features and capabilities. Apple Iwatch is certainly a product that individuals, especially the watch lovers, have to watch out for.

Knowing the Features of Apple Iwatch

There are individuals and websites that share interesting features displayed by Apple Iwatch. This is said to be ultra thin and features a flexible willow glass. This watch also includes Bluetooth capacity that links this to other compatible products of Apple such as iPhone, iPod and iPad. This highly innovated watch include power-saving mode for added function and convenience. The Apple Iwatch is truly one of the Apple’s biggest innovations that create a massive influence an impact to countless individuals and enthusiasts. Apple strives hard in introducing this latest innovation to the world.


Important Things to Know About Apple’s iWatch

Learn About the Price Speculations

It may be too early to talk about the Apple Iwatch price but since this is one of the most interesting products the world awaits, price speculations can never be controlled. When a product is soon to hit the market and buyer’s niche, it is expected that individuals will talk about the cost. When talking about the pricing scheme, one thing is for sure; Apple iWatch will be top among the usual pricing scheme in other Apple products. There are a lot of ways in which you can see or check Apple Iwatch, this can be through internet or Apple stores.

More Interesting Details about Apple Iwatch

According to product analyst, Apple Iwatch is specially created to act as a reliable add-on device empowering the iPhone. With this watch, individuals can take calls through this watch and talk to the caller through the wrist in secretive manner. This watch also features amazing music controls, specific apps and many more. The Apple Iwatch is also capable of receiving and reading text messages and permits recipient to give response. Another interesting features displayed by this watch is that it comes with sensor that aids in tracking your pulse and gathering essential data.


What Will The Apple iWatch Be Like?

The Apple Iwatch is another product that proves the excellent power of modern technology and innovation. This new creation will give every consumers a big WOW! Creating this watch certainly brings a new twist and modern experience to users. This watch displays features and components that individuals can enjoy and explore. More of these are lacking in the typical watch available in the market- this makes Apple Iwatch is great when it comes to innovation and technology.

3 Ways To Be Safe On A First Date

Dating for the first time can be exciting, for the man or the woman, but it can also be a disaster if something unpleasant happened. In today’s generation, harm can come from any which way but women are less likely to be able to defend themselves as much as men can do. It is just as important for men to take precaution as it is for women when going on a first date. (This is having the assumption that you do not know each other like growing up as friends and decided you wanted to go out on a date.)

Keep your private information private

Going on a date means you wanted to get to know each other better, on a personal level, like knowing what each likes or dislikes, what hobbies each does, what favorite food, color, song, and everything else you can think of, each prefers. It is testing the waters whether you can jive with each other, if you can laugh together, if you can appreciate each other’s thoughts and gestures. It is not the time to give out your home address so that in case the other person is a bad one, you can be followed home. How much one earns is also a private information. It might be enough to cause your kidnapping.


Ways to remain safe on the first date!

Make your date known

Whenever you are going on a date, especially on the first date, let someone know where you are supposed to be and what time you are expected home. Let your date know, also, that you have told someone else where you are dating. It gives you the defense for any malicious intent. When you move to another place, at least text someone where you are. In case you get missing, there will be a point of reference to begin the search, although it may not reach that point if you let your date know that you are notifying someone else where you are going next.

Choose a safe place


Ways To Stay Safe On Your First Date

If you are the one asked to go to a particular place, make sure it is a safe place where there are other people who can witness your existence, like a restaurant or a park. Avoid movie theaters on a first date. Make sure there is ample lighting. It is the first date. It must be wholesome. If your date cannot appreciate it, it should be a red flag for you, after all, the first date should only be a light date.


Going on a first date can be exciting but it can also be disappointing or scary if things did not go pleasantly. It is a time to get to know each other better and you can only assure that it will, if safety has been considered.

3 Ways To Strengthen Your Spine And Ease Back Pain

Let us review our anatomy first. The spine is part of the central nervous system along with the brain and they rely on the peripheral nervous system that sends messages to the brain that controls the body function. So when the spine has discomforts, the peripheral nervous system sends signals to the brain and is interpreted as back pain. An unhealthy spine feels pain, numbness, weakness of the arms and legs, impaired breathing and digestion and abnormal control of the bowel and bladder. Therefore, we find three ways to strengthen your spine to help you ease out of back pain.

1. Proper exercise. People who suffer from back pain tend to only just sleep it off in order for it to go away. That is not the case. Sleeping and sitting for a long time of immobility may lead to a higher intensity of pain which has the likelihood of disability. In this case, the length of rehabilitation will be prolonged since immobility only adds up to the damage. The best way to relieve back pain is to exercise. Exercise helps stabilize the spine and protects it from further damage.


How to Strengthen Your Spine and Relieve Back Pain

2. Lying flat on hard floor. If you are not best suited for formal exercise this is one simple alternative way to do and ease out back paying. First you must lay your back flat on hard floor. Then draw your knees to a natural position letting your spine arched away on the floor. Then ever so slowly lower down you back until it comes in contact with the floor. Repeat this over ten times slowly until you feel the tension on your back muscles. Do not be alarmed on what you feel at your back because this will strengthen up your back at no time and it will add support to the spine area.

3. Stay active. Do not be idle in one area just because you feel pain in your back. The immobility will only worsen the pain. Sometimes activity can lead to psychological unawareness of the pain. Keeping busy will make the pain unnoticed for the time being until it completely goes away. Ice could also be one of the remedy that you can use momentarily. Just compress it at the area where you feel the pain. Avoid slouching while doing your chores since slouching is the most common reason of back pain.


Back pain relief in just five minutes a day

Definitely, good posture is defined to avoid back pain in the future or to lower back pain at present. Back pain is the essentially second to the most common ailments among adults next to headaches. But the good news according to orthopedic surgeon Michael Hisey of Texas Back Institute of Denton, by strengthening and stretching the muscles in your back (which, with your abs, make up the all-important core) you can relieve and prevent pain. Research showed that those who exercise as soon as they feel back pain are the ones who are quick to recover. Thus, exercise to bade the pain away.

House Sold – 3 Things to Mention in your Real Estate Listing

Selling a home can be very demanding and intimidating. It is not like posting a ‘house for sale’ on your door and the next day you’ll get a handshake from a buyer. Of all the homes listed for sale, you have to make sure that what potential buyers can read through in your real estate listing must dominate among others. There are different types of real estate listing and you should always choose the one that could easily and swiftly get your house sold in a matter of days. Whether you are willing to work with a real estate agent or not, you should always have strong points mentioned in your listing to attract buyers of your house.

Here are three things that you can mention in your real estate listing to increase the potential or guarantee that your house will be sold even in a faster span of time.

  • The Lowest Possible Price

It is important that the price range is already mentioned in your listing. If you would notice, others would make it a strategy not to put the price on. But the big advantage of putting the price is potential buyers can already see that it can fit their budget. So how do you make sure that your listing is in the buyer’s shortlist? Survey the lowest sale prices of similar houses; most probably in your neighborhood. You can do this on site or online. Either way of doing this, you know how to catch the attention of your potential buyers. Remember that price is always the brightest figures in the listing and the lower it gets, the higher your chances are.


Things You Must Discuss At The Listing Presentation

  • The Special and Attractive Features

Putting on pictures of the amazing features of your house with their most attractive descriptions can win you a guaranteed buyer. If your house does not have even a piece, space, or room that is not fascinating, you can plan to renovate and improve your house first before selling it. If you have properly described and showed off what is unique in your house, even though the price exceeds in their assumed budget, they will still choose your house among others.

  • The Neighborhood and The Location of your House

Describing your neighborhood and amazing things in the place where your house is located can as well attract buyers. Many would always choose those homes that are peaceful, near the beach, near some tourist spots, near the malls, amazing set of neighbors, and etc. Never miss to mention these things because it can put your house status into ‘sold’.


You say ‘cramped,’ agent says ‘cozy’

Indeed, selling a house can really be so difficult. But, if you know how to make good of your real estate listing, your house is a guaranteed sell to a lot of buyers.

5 Eye Opening Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Books have a lot to teach. If all of us had to experience every situation for ourselves, we may not have the time to learn everything in our life time. Thankfully, books can distill the necessary wisdom and information we need, served at our own time and place.

A busy and budding entrepreneur may not have the time to read all the books on the market, but a good sampling of other people’s experience especially on organizational structure and market trends can be an invaluable resource in running the business.

Check out some of these books that have helped many entrepreneurs in setting up and running their business:

  1. The 4 Hour Work Week. – This self-help book from best-selling author Tim Ferris is based on his experience in company automation and lifestyle development. He asks the reader to rethink their concept of work and how 90 percent of what we normally do is unnecessary and detrimental to achieving the life we desire. While working a full time job that made him frustrated, and overworked, he developed a stream lined system of checking email only once a day and outsourcing small daily task to virtual assistants.

What you get out of reading the book: Time Ferris challenges the reader to figure out what truly is their desire, to manage time by concentrating only on what is effective, to automate transactions to free up more time.


Founders And VCs Reveal 25 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

  1. The Peter Principle. – Many businesses rely on a system where the brightest is favored over the mediocre. Unfortunately, according to authors Laurence Peter and Raymond Hull, staff members eventually end up in positions over their heads. The employee’s incompetence is not necessarily because the job is difficult but that the new position only requires a different kind of skill.

What you get out of reading the book: The best and the brightest employees are not always the best administrators. Entrepreneurs must realize that leadership is essential to the success of their business. Learning to identify potential leaders is essential to the success of the venture.

  1. The Intelligent InvestorWhen Warren Buffet was 19, he read the first edition of Benjamin Graham’s Intelligent Investor. He thought, at that time, it was the best book written and is still of the opinion all these years later as reinforced by his comment in the 2003 annual report of Berkshire Hathaway.

The core principles of the book discuss what a stock represents, the nature of the market, the potential of every investment and the secret to financial success.


Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

What you get out of reading the book: Understanding how the stock market plays is an invaluable asset to every investor who seeks to eventually invest in another business or raise funds through an initial public offering.

  1. The No Asshole Rule. – Stanford Professor, Robert I. Sutton, advocates for increasing workplace morale by weeding out workplace jerks and bullies. He offers 2 tests to recognize them: First, every encounter with the errant employee produces feelings of humiliation and oppressiveness; and, second, they target people who are less powerful than themselves.

What you get out of reading the book: Some people are just jerks over competent though they maybe. Know when to hire them and where. Bear in mind that they can do more harm than good in the long run.

  1. The Tipping Point – Bestselling author,Malcom Gladwell, defines a tipping point as the moment of critical mass. In this book, he describes how ideas, products, behavior and messages spread like an epidemic. He uses the rise of Hush Puppies shoes in the mid 1990’s and the drop of New York crime rate after 1990 as examples of how little things can make a difference.

What you get out of reading this book: If you want to predict the next big thing and how your business can benefit from its popularity, this book will provide you the rules of epidemics on how to identify the agents of change you can use in your business.